Thursday, August 16, 2018


Logan Knight at Last Gasp has one of the coolest imaginations in this corner of the blogosphere.  Commenter Yami Bakura thanked him for for pointing out how random encounters with those strange monsters - other human beings - can make for interesting gaming and how DMs often squander the potential of an encounter with 1d6 humans. Here is the post: Close Encounters with Humankind

In addition to the main reasons why that post was interesting, my brain got stuck on a small detail (which I do with too many things) and started spinning like a hamster in an exercise wheel.

Logan's sub-table "If It's Not Clear How They're Traveling..." had an entry for "Warpigs"-  I was seized with visions of medieval woodcuts of bristling, armored, over-tusked Panzerschweine with reins of chains and saddles.  I had to channel Trampier, lubok prints, Motörhead's logo, the Black Sabbath song.  I couldn't help stirring the ingredients with MS Paint et al until I got these.

I hope someone who reads this is inspired to make their own, vastly superior pictures of warpigs ridden into battle, used for jousting, limping home after battle, stampeding, taking on all comers in the arena, etc.

MS Paint 3-D combining of logos from Motorhead and Gov't Mule, then film grain effect

The same under paint brush "artistic effect" in Word
And because I can't stop messing with it...  Wish I could get the arm right!
The lubok Baba Yaga vs. the Crocodile had me beat with an awesome warpig image nearly 500 years before I started

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