Friday, December 18, 2020

Yestere'en, I played a Dyson Logos map, not in a TTRPG, but in Risk


So recently, this Luddite has finally been using his cell phone.  I've been getting into an app for Android which is an adaptation of the classic boardgame, Risk. My wife and I play each other while propped up on pillows side-by-side, waiting for our kid next door to stop screeching and drop off to sleep.

No, RISK, not Stratego: Fascinating two-handed strategy game.  Also: Where is his other hand?

My wife bought this fantasy map pack for the app, and there is this cool dungeon map titled LOST TEMPLE.  DYSON LOGOS is right there in the byline!

The map is based on THE LOST TEMPLE OF APHOSH THE HAUNTED  from his blog.


I asked Dyson Logos about it and he said: "Yeah, I should promote that a bit."

The map plays well in a non-D&D-type game.  I beat my wife (in RISK!) three times. It's interesting to think about whether the Jacquaying and loops of RPG map theory have any effect on different games with entirely different rules and goals.

So if you'd like to play a dungeon faction trying to take over the areas of a Dyson Logos map, have an Android cell phone, and would like playing electronic Risk, lash out and snarf this up!

You can get it at the Google Play store. RISK: Global Domination by SMG Studio, licensed from Hasbro.  And then you dig around in the fantasy map packs for Lost Temple.

Or you can wriggle through SMG Studios' website and go to the SteamPowered store (looking at SMG Studios, I see it stands for "Sydney and Melbourne" -- It's great that an Australian development company worked on a game in which taking over Australia first is often a winning strategy)

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