Sunday, April 18, 2021

Trailer for an Imaginary Spaghetti Sword and Sorcery Eastern

 One of my piped-est of pipe dreams is to make a series of trailers for cool films that will never exist.

Because of these dreams, I have been researching (poorly) how to do quick and easy and cheap frame-by-frame animation for short videos.  Here I strung together multiple frames in Microsoft Photo into a primitive video and slapped some really nice free-to-use music from Pixabay onto it.

Anybody have any suggestions for additional super-easy-to-use-for-lazy-Luddites cheap or free software I should use?

Enjoy the ad below.  

I made it for The Lost Lush: RELOADED urban picaresque pub crawl adventure I have been trying to get people to review and rate (without success as of Spring 2021) for some time now.

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