Friday, June 23, 2017

Words or names I love for their sound:

Peregrine, passerine, Cistercian, sessile, snouts, Sojourner, incunabula, ascension, descent, descending, illustrious, cerebral, crescent, magnificent, maximal, optometry, mechatronics, television, portico, sphere, hemispherical, enchanted, enchantress, sorceress, huntress, imperatrix, scathing, razor, rotor, Roto-Rooter, pendulous, pendant, Thunder Monkey, pepper, Pepperdine, pepperbox, pepperminty, deleterious, detrimental, dendritic, rhododendron, Excelsior!, Vespers, vespertine, updo, incandescent, in flagrante delicto

šmirnc (Czech slang: moxie, appeal, attractiveness), vepředu (Czech: in the front), hřbitov (Czech: cemetery), bublinky (Czech: little bubbles), bez bublinek (Czech: without carbonation), bublifuk (Czech: bubble-blowing solution), poklop (Czech: lid - Inexplicably the name of a very unhip clothing store that had nothing to do with hats in early '90s Nusle, Prague, Czech Republic), pašbá (Czech: bacchanalian party) šuplík (Czech: drawer), veselká (Czech: cheerful, happy occasion), velejemny (Czech advertising portmanteau: greatly mild), bumbrliček (Czech slang: bumblebee, fat kid), večerníček (Czech: evening "bedtime story" cartoons), večeřit (Czech: to have dinner), večeřnice (Czech: vespers), chřipka (Czech: the flu), Pozdrav Pambůh (Czech colloquial: "Bless you!"), Říp, Vlasta, Deminka, Divoká Šárka

Das Plusquamperfekt (German: the pluperfect tense), von Hohenlohe, Freiburg im Breisgau, Vorarlberger, Ottakringer, vermeiden (German: to avoid), zerstört (German: destroyed)

Recuerdos (Spanish: memories), soledad (Spanish: solitude)

Amharic people's names: Melkamu, Meskerem, Aselefech
Holidays: Fasika (Easter)
Foods: Minchetabish (sounds like it could be a portly, conniving merchant's name, or a little girl, or the bustling trading city at the end of a long, dusty caravan route)

Somali city names: Jigjiga, Bosaso, Las Anod 
Ayeeyo (grandmother), Awoowe (grandfather)

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