Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Paw of Sehkmet

The party finds this on a papyrus in the catacombs, tucked inside the wrappings of a mummy...

                                                             The Paw of Sekhmet

 1. Cut off a fully-grown, healthy lioness’s paw in combat wherein the opponent is under a disadvantage to the lioness.

 2. Cut up into fine hamburger.  Grind the claws into dust.  Mix dust with the hamburger.  

 3. Mold into patty. 

 4. Marinade nine nights in tincture of moly root. 

 5. Soak mummy wrappings nine nights in tincture of cardamom, mead and blood spilled in anger.

 6. Wrap patty in mummy wrappings.  

 7. Bury nine months 1 pharaonic cubit deep (7 palms deep) undisturbed in the desert sand.

 8. Unwrap patty and discard the mummy wrappings.

 9. Feed patty to target beast.  Although unappetizing looking and smelly to humans, it will be irresistible to carnivorous animals. The lioness’s paw will reconstitute itself, complete with muscles, bone, fur and claws, inside the target’s stomach and will attempt very violently to scratch and batter its way out.  The paw will disintegrate into black and white dust once it emerges.

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