Friday, June 30, 2017

Just Say No To Mummy Dust

Where mummy dust comes from

Foul-tasting “Mummy Dust” supposedly made of a fungus that grows inside mummies- price: 0-5gp. Available: at the Agora, in streets outside the Incubation Tunnels, under-the-counter from Merkarei’s Incendiary Shop in the Pyramid outside the Desert Gate, or from Tefnut
MUMMY DUST EFFECTS – Roll percentile dice
00-70 - DM shows Player a random part of the PICTURE APPENDIX. Roll d30 for Fig. #
71-99 – Upsetting visions.  Cross each vision out as they are seen.  Once all visions are seen by at least one PC, this roll result means the mummy dust only causes a stomachache and no visions this time, as well as -2 to all die rolls for the next 24 turns/4 hours. 
1. The Pale Corruption (See Catacomb Map Area 15) enveloping victims;
2. A hooded, misshapen figure smashing an amphora in an underground room. Something small, slimy and luminous skitters away.
3. Veiled woman feeding a jewelry-festooned crocodile a bundle;
4. Tomb doors thumping and shaking;
5. Screaming, decayed face of a mummy lying in a tomb- after a moment, it chokes, vomits up a white viscous goo, screams more;
6. PC feels like he or she has just awoken, wrists crossed, inside a mummy case.

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