Friday, June 23, 2017

OK.  It's pretty close to the longest day of the year and I can't sleep.

Here is some not-really-game-related content:

I love words.  Or at least I love some words.

There are some words that are ugly and irritating to me.  Some words rub my fur the wrong way because they have ugly meanings or because people are over-using them or shoving them into grammar constructions that are awkward.

But some words I just hate the sound of, regardless of the meaning.




That's pretty much the trifecta of gross-sounding words, which I saw on the package of a baby product.





das Etui, die Etuis (German- the tissue, the tissues)

Pressies (British English slang for "presents")

Thobe (a North African and Arabian-area article of clothing for men- "Dishdasha" sounds so much better!)

Duh! Doy! It-Doy! (Using these interjections is a double-edged sword which can discredit the user as much as the hearers)

Chum.  Chumbucket. Shunt.  (These are some words which sound like they are obscene, even though they can be aired safely during the TV broadcasting "watershed" hours- See also "matriculate", "masticate", "scintillating", "succulent" - "Shunt" sounds like two dirty words which shtupped with great force and succulence and extruded a perfectly cromulent word you can use at a railroad yard)

Squelch (Speaking of vaguely dirty onomatopoeia...)

Integrous (People should say: "This company has integrity," rather than: "This company is integrous." - It might be a rarely used but correct adjective, but when used, it gives a nails-on-chalkboard feeling to listeners who aren't dead inside)

Penile (Slightly worse than "penal" and "puerile" and "senile"- There's nothing at all wrong with the sound of "crocodile," though)

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